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5 days old

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray7 Comments

Caleigh's daddy holding her tiny head. Already she has him wrapped around his finger. She just took her superhero glasses off so you can still see the outline from them :-)

Thank you to everyone for their comments, emails and continued support for our family! Caleigh is doing really well. Everyday she changes for the better. Sunday morning she had her 2nd bowel surgery and a portion of her small intestines was removed. Tomorrow (Tuesday), Caleigh will have her 3rd surgery to go in and check out some 'questionable' bowel that was discovered during the previous surgery. As far as her prematurity goes, she is doing great, but the troubles with the intestines seem to be holding her back. Please Pray for live, healthy, pink intestines during tomorrow's surgery.

The staff, nurses, and doctors at the NICU are amazing. They are truly a blessing to our family. Today, Caleigh opened her eyes for a brief moment and we got to cradle our hands on her. She has really started to respond to our voices and touch. Eric and I get to do some of the more routine things like diaper changes, and temperature checks. We are loving every precious minute.

Thanks again for all of the support.

Much Love,

Holly, Eric & Caleigh

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