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55 Days

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Yesterday was a better day for Caleigh. After more x-rays, suppositories, doctors and surgeons pushing around on her belly; Caleigh finally started stooling and she didn't stop for a long time. The docs put the tummy tube in again to help suction out what she was spitting up. They stopped feeds all together and were going to look at how she is doing this morning to see if she could tolerate eating again. We will have to start over again in small amounts and work our way back up to that ounce.

So this is what is going on in that little tummy. Before the last surgery the docs had been feeding Caleigh. There was a narrowing (blockage) and that is why she had to have emergency surgery, but all the milk they had given her had to stop somewhere. It stopped right before the narrowing and it 'stretched ' out the small bowel, dilating it. Nothing had ever been through the large intestines because of the blockage so it is still really small. Even though the narrowing has been unblocked by the last surgery; the large intestine is still not as big as the small and therefore can't move bile through it quick enough. While they were feeding Caleigh and increasing the amount each day this past week; the small intestine started to back up because of the tiny opening in the large intestine. (And yes you can make fun of my drawing :-)

Because of all the pushing and grunting Caleigh developed an incision hernia right above her belly button. The surgeon isn't worried about it and it doesn't have to be fixed right away. If we don't have anymore surgeries then we will probably get it fixed when she is bigger right before we go home. Her abdominal wall is very thin due to all the surgeries and we knew this was a possibility. It doesn't hurt her and it feels like a mushy air sack when you touch it. I think you can see it in the top picture.

Caleigh was feeling much better after she started filling those diapers. I think we changed about 8 in a 2 1/2 hour period. She was awake and smiling and seemed much more alert than yesterday when she didn't even open her eyes. Eric just called me; he went to see Caleigh before work early this morning and he says that she looks good and is starting to get fussy because she is hungry. Now that she knows what milk is!

I hope I explained everything well. Let me know if you have questions about anything. I think it is going to be a longer road than we were hoping for, but thank the Lord for poo!

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