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5th Surgery & only 27 Days Old

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray4 Comments
Today Caleigh went in for the MRI/x-ray of her abdominal area. They call it a contrast study and it involves a 'dye' of sorts that is injected through an enema. As the dye goes in, the technician takes several pics and then the doctor reviews them. As they were doing this procedure, the 'dye', which is water soluble, started to leak out of a small hole in Caleigh's small intestine. So about 2 hours later we were meeting with the surgeon and neo-natalogist and an hour later we were back at Cooks for surgery.
The surgeon came and met with Eric and I, and he explained that during the enema, there was a narrowing of intestines where the fluid couldn't get past it and it caused a small hole. This is also why she hasn't had a bowel movement yet either. This narrowing part of intestines had formed scar tissue from the reconnect surgery and basically closed itself up. They removed all the stool that was waiting to be passed. So Caleigh is clean as a whistle and ready to start eating again! The surgeon seemed to think that he got everything, but he did have to remove the centimeter of bowel that was scar tissue. All together she has had about 11 cm of bowel removed. Caleigh is back on the ventilator because of surgery and we expect her to stay on it for a few more days until she becomes more stable. They will probably try milk again in about 2 weeks or so. We just have to start over again and wait for her to be ready. This morning she weighed 2 lbs. 15 oz. Which means we could have a 3 pounder before too long!

(Update on Baby Jenny) Her swelling has been going down with each day and the doctors have switched her to a lesser ventilator (the same one Caleigh is on now) She seems to be stable, but they still don't know the cause of her swelling.

Thank you to everyone that came out and got wet for our babyshower! Man..... was it raining! But, I love the rain! We have tons of laundry and organizing to do and I know that will keep us super busy! I will try to post pictures from the shower soon.

Thanks again, Much Love!
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