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6wks & 4lbs

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray5 Comments

Caleigh smiling with Pop's hand shielding her eyes from the light

Today Caleigh is 6 wks old and a chunky 4 pounds! Today Caleigh was moved to room 3a where she will likely stay until all of her tummy trouble is resolved. Tomorrow Caleigh will go to Cooks for another contrast study. This time they will do an upper GI through her feeding tube unlike last time when they went in using an enema. The doctors are looking for blockages again and if she has one it will likely be in the same spot as last time (where the small intestine meets the large intestine). If she does has a blockage, called a stricture, then Caleigh will have to go in for her 6th surgery. We are praying that her intestines are just moving slow after all the other surgeries and that it just needs more time to 'wake up'. I will update tomorrow evening on any changes or results. Please keep little Caleigh in your prayers.

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