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7 mths old

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray5 Comments

Caleigh is seven months old!

We've been settling in the last few days trying to relax after all the doctors appointments last week. We went for what we thought was an x-ray of Caleigh's hip on Friday but it turned out that they needed to do another ultrasound because the first one was hard to read. The radiologist actually came into the sono room with us and watched it happen in real time. We have had him as our radiologist before so he was really open about what he saw which wasn't much. The area looked good and it isn't popping out of place. We talked him into doing an x-ray anyways so that we wouldn't need to come back at a later time in case someone thought it would be necessary. So we did that and we haven't heard back from anyone, but pretty much the diagnosis is mineralization of the bones due to nutritional malabsorption. TPN is great and it's a life saver, but it just doesn't absorb like regular nutrition does. So basically Caleigh has 'soft' bones and we just need to be careful with her.

Caleigh's sleeping routine is going better. After all, she has known nothing but the NICU all her life and it was her home up until now. So she just needs to get adjusted and we can't expect that to happen over night. She seems to be feeling a little bit better which helps her sleep too. Not to mention her Mimi holding her all night long while mom gets some rest. Were working on getting a bedtime routine down and sticking with it. 'Working' is the key word!

We've been having trouble with our home health company so we have started working on getting a new one on board. Things aren't being done right and we don't have the time to complain and argue about how they should be operating. We may be over protective, but this is our baby and we want nothing less than perfect for her all the time.

I've been going through a ton of paperwork. Caleigh has received more mail in the last week than Eric and I both get in a month! What a popular baby :-) Got to move on to more paperwork........

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