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8 Days old

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Caleigh still wearing her super hero glasses to protect her eyes from the jaundice lamps.

Caleigh's last surgery went very well. All of the questionable sections of intestines had pinked up and looked good. She will be having surgery again tomorrow (Friday) to try to re-connect the clamped sections of small intestines. If the surgeon is able to re-connect we should be done with surgeries for awhile and the long road of feedings will start. It is very hard to get the intestines 'running' right after so much trauma. As far as prematurity goes she is still doing wonderful. She doesn't even need the ventilator but they don't want to take it out while she is still having surgery every other day so it is on the lowest settings that they can have. She seems to be taking the nutrition through IV very well and she is tinkling in her diapers just great. In fact she gets very cranky when she has a wet diaper or wants to move from one side to the other! She is just an amazing little girl.

Eric and I are doing good. Exhaustion has set in and we realized today that we may be doing this for the next several months to come. Kinda shocking when we think about it. Everyday when we go to the hospital to see her; we really get a little 'pick me up' and then when we have to leave it is really hard us. The room in the NICU that Caleigh is in is closed to most visitors and they are constantly getting new babies. We aren't allowed to be in the room when they are bringing in a new one. In the past 2 days they have gotten 5 new babies, so we have been asked to leave several times. Hopefully when she gets closer to coming home she can have more visitors, and hopefully that won't be more than her original due date which was Nov. 1st. This is the guesstimate that we were given. We can't wait for everyone to meet her, but the possibility of infection is really scary to us and that is why the NICU has their rules. We tell Caleigh daily of all the people that love her and pray for her and we hope everyone can understand.

Mommy & Daddy got to give Caleigh her first bath! No dunking allowed :-)

Just a small wipe down and she was ready for a nap! It is really hard on


because they get tired so easily.

Daddy holding Caleigh for the first time. Only for a minute while we changed out her bedding. She got to wear a towel on her head after her first shampoo.

All in all, she didn't like the bath experience. This is her cry face! Just look at that frown. If she didn't have the vent still hooked up we would have heard her cry and tell us all about it.

Thanks again for all the sweet words and prayers. I will post an update after the surgery tomorrow.

Have a great Friday!

Much Love

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