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8 ml's & counting

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Snoozing the day away. I'm pretty sure she caught a fly at some point.....

So I finally got off my tuckess and brought the big camera to the hospital for some quality family time. Pics below of course...

Caleigh has done wonderfully the past few days. She is up to 8ml an hour and we will reach 10 ml an hour by Monday. They plan on holding steady there for awhile and letting her belly adapt to the volume. Her stools have been amazing little, brown & formed, but (and yes with Caleigh there is always a 'but') she has gone completely in the wrong direction being constipated all the time. She pushes and pushes and all she gets are little raisinettes. So I called GI and they backed the pectin down to 2% and if it isn't better tomorrow then they will go back down to 1%. We don't want her to get backed up. I think the pectin is really doing it's job! Overachiever.....

Do I even have to say it......who does the prettiest girl in the world look like?

Everyone has been asking what Caleigh is up to in the developmental front lines. I forget about that sometimes with all the belly worries that we have. She does new and amazing things daily. Caleigh weighs 9 pounds 1 ounce. Right now she loves to be bounced, 'flown' around & generally moving all the time. You stop bouncing she'll start complaining. Caleigh can hold her head up great now and for a really long time. She loves to hold her head up during the bouncing too. Her left side has been her weaker side, tone wise, for a long time. So we have really been stretching and working on movement and just in the last few weeks she has really started to bring her left arm forward, and push and grab with it too. I'm not sure if I have explained this before but when you have a premature baby it usually takes about 2 yrs for them to 'catch up' with full term infants. Also, we don't judge Caleigh's development by how old she is. She is almost 6 mths old, but when you have a preemie you have to go by their estimated due date (Nov. 1) to judge what they should be doing developmentally. So we look at what a 3 mth old would be doing instead of a 6 mth old. This is called 'adjusted' or 'corrected' age and so far Caleigh is only slightly behind with this. Caleigh is behind developmentally mainly because of her illness, surgeries, prematurity and most of all her environment. When you have 5 tubes and wires attached to you all the time it's kinda hard to get on the floor and have tummy time; especially when your belly is always hurting. It just isn't the same interaction that a normal baby has and that's why we think Caleigh will really blossom when she gets home.


Here's Eric making Caleigh chubby cheeks....

It may be to soon to start the home talk again but when we are holding steady at 10ml and hour and cycling our TPN off for 8 hours a day things may start leaning towards home again. Caleigh is on


for the bacterial overgrowth that occurs in her intestines. She is doing a 2 week dose and then we will take one week off so that she doesn't get resistant to the antibiotic. I suspect that we will know if home is in our near future if she does well for that week off the Flagyl. Hopes are high again but why not?

Daddy's hand.....

I had a pretty lengthy discussion with our GI doc and Neo about my breastmilk that we have frozen & stored. And after several questions we decided that Caleigh won't ever be able to have any of the breastmilk. So Eric and I went through the milk at home and took 12 bags an estimate of 500 bottles to the

Mother's Milk Bank

. It was sad for me to finally realize that Caleigh won't be able to have it. All that hard work, the only thing that I could do for my baby at that time and she can't have it. Going through so many bottles I thought about the every 3 hours routine and how much work it was. We also went through the milk stored at the hospital and there was 8 bins of milk that will be picked up by the MMB on Monday. I hope that our family can help others, who for some reason can't nurse but their baby needs the amazing qualities that only breastmilk can provide.

Thanks to everyone that donated to Caleigh's March for Babies Team so far.

And a super thanks to Caleigh's Mimi, Beverly, Donna H., Diane, Aunt Donna & Meagan for signing up to walk with us!

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