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A Partial Solar Eclipse to Remember

Special Needs HomeschoolHolly D Gray1 Comment

On Friday we made the standard pinhole viewing box to be able to see the partial solar eclipse without actually seeing the solar eclipse. The whole time I was making the box I kept thinking about the warnings that came with this type of behavior as a child. The whole "you'll go blind if you look at the eclipse bit." 

Low and behold it was bright out and even more shocking I may have glanced in the sun's direction without in fact going blind. It was an accident...I swear.

The box worked! This wasn't a Pinterest fail, but an actual case of a tiny sun dot on the inside of our box experiencing a partial eclipse. 

So tiny.

We weaved and bobbed around to get the best view and finally the sun was conveniently hiding behind our neighbor's tree. 

From a quick Google search, I can tell you that we will be standing outside checking out the next solar eclipse on August 17, 2017 but we may catch a lunar eclipse or two between now and then if we aren't sleeping. 

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