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Almost there

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray3 Comments

Caleigh is doing much better 6 days post surgery. At the height of her swelling, our 7 lb baby was 11 lbs. Today she is 9 lbs so the fluid is going down slowly. Yesterday they moved her back to the conventional ventilator and she seems to be doing great with it. The doctors are weaning her settings and I think she should be off of it in a day or two. She's more awake and we sit and talk to her while she looks at us and around the room. She is still getting platelets everyday because her clotting factor after losing all of her blood just isn't up to par yet. They are weaning all of her medications as well. Caleigh has had a couple of stool smears and we are really excited about that. We are learning how to take care of her g-button and it is just the oddest thing. I'll try to post pictures of it soon. Other than that, Eric and I are doing ok. We are getting a little bit more sleep now that Caleigh is feeling better and I'm sure we will get tons more (at least in shifts) once she gets home.



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