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Botox & Cortisone Under Anesthesia

Holly D GrayComment

Early Friday morning we took Caleigh with her matching American Girl, Noel, to have deep hip botox and a cortisone shot in the same hip. This was done under anesthesia because they needed her to be completely still and also there is a lot of pain involved with these shots especially on a hip that is already causing pain.

Caleigh was a super chatty on her iPad that morning. We had gone to pre-op a few days before and she was shy, not saying much. I'm still amazed how differently people treat her when she talks well using her iPad compared to when she is being shy and not using it. Really it's night and day. I think going to pre-op in the same location helped her feel more comfortable on the actual procedure day.

Out of all the scent choices for the anesthesia gas, Caleigh chose watermelon. This time we decided to skip the Versed since she was going to get the gas anyways. We were hoping to help speed up the recovery time after the procedure. 

 The procedure went well. Caleigh's neurologist went first with the botox. He did the deep hip part and then did her gastroc which is her calf area. The amount of botox was doubled this time. Caleigh weighs more now and she has done well the past few times without getting constipated. 

Her orthopedic doctor went second. He said that Caleigh's hip is out 50% just like it was a month ago. He was able to get the cortisone shot in the right place without "digging around too much." Ouch. He did tell us that there is a numbing medicine in the cortisone shot that usually wears off in about 8 hours. The hip isn't sliding in and out of the socket which is good news. With it staying put, we should be able to hold off on hip surgery for at least another year. The over all procedure was quick. 

When we were called back into recovery Caleigh took a long time waking up like she did with her GI scope in 2012. It's common in kiddos with CP to be slower to wake up. Caleigh was no different in that area. Eventually she came around and was pretty upset because her throat hurt. After she finally opened her eyes she became more alert. We were discharged fairly quickly after that. 

We all took a long nap when we got home and laid around the rest of the day. On Saturday, Caleigh was sore. She didn't bear a lot of weight and we mostly rested while reading fairy stories. The rest of the weekend she hasn't complained of pain and things are back to normal around here. Hopefully we'll see some positive results soon. 

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