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Breastmilk Bound

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray5 Comments

Caleigh getting her first bottle

On the way to the hospital yesterday (after the poo heard round the world) the doctor called and told us that they would be starting Caleigh on breastmilk! Better yet......try a bottle!!! They were skipping the pedialyte and going straight to milk and because of her size they were going to see how she does with a bottle. So Eric and I get to the hospital, and our nurse says that we can introduce the breast to Caleigh first.....see how she does, and then finish with the bottle!!! Wow, what a day! So we had our little introduction and she knew exactly what to do, but at her gestational age Caleigh doesn't have the jaw coordination to keep sucking. We will just keep practicing. So on to the bottle we went. Needless to say it didn't workout too well. Maybe she was tired after the intro to breastfeeding, maybe not, but there are rules to bottlefeeding she wasn't aware of. All babies need to suck, swallow, breath and repeat. Caleigh's first feeding went a little like this.....suck, suck, suck, swallow, swallow, swallow........hmmmm no breathing! All of her stats dropped and bottle time was over. This is a learned thing and has a lot to do with coordination as well. So we will keep practicing once or twice a week until she is ready. I am so grateful to have our first experiences like this in the NICU because all the nurses are there to help if anything goes wrong and they have the equipment to tell us if something isn't going well. I probably would have freaked out if I was at home alone, but I was calm because I knew they would take care of her. Caleigh is still getting feeds even though she can't take the bottle yet. They still have her feeding tube and she is getting 5ml every 3 hrs (about a teaspoon). She seems to be tolerating her feeds well and she hasn't stopped the dirty diapers yet! It was a long and exhausting day......Caleigh was tired, mommy & daddy were tired. I'm pretty sure we will be 'tired' for the next 18 to 25 years!

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