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Day 6 Setback

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D. GrayComment

Caleigh had a rough setback today. Talk of us going home quickly changed this morning. After a night of full strength formula at her regular rate she started having bad abdominal pain. This pain lasted all day. By this evening she was back on IV fluids and tiny amounts of pedialyte through her g-button.

Setback via

Eric is feeling a lot better today. I'm still very sick, most likely with a sinus infection now. It's my body's go to thing over the past year. This makes number 9. I'm hoping to head to urgent care in the morning.

We are asking for your prayers and positive thoughts tonight. For Caleigh's pain to get better and her guts to wake up from one heck of an unlucky week. For Eric and I, because we need every ounce of strength we can find.

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