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DevaCurl Haircut Review

Holly D Gray6 Comments

About two years ago I read the Curly Girl Handbook and started implementing some of the tips and tricks that the DevaCurl company suggests for highly gorgeous curls. Things like not shampooing everyday, no brushing, lots and lots of conditioner that you don't wash completely out. Well, almost all of those. I was still a brushing maniac. Guilty.

Caleigh's beautiful curly hair has been a struggle. Her locks had a rough start considering the unicorn IV access in the early days. There was shaving and nutritional deficiencies.

Let's face it though, Caleigh's number one curly hair enemy is the fact that she uses headrests. Both wheelchairs, the car seat, the tomato chair, the bicycle, the walker. You name it and it has a place for her to lean her head on.

We're not alone here on this cerebral palsy journey. Everyday the back of Caleigh's hair is matted, knotted and if we're lucky, resumes itself with loads of conditioner, water and a comb. The comb that I'm not supposed to use on her hair by the way....

With the curly girl method of doing things, there is a certain way of cutting the hair. I've trimmed Caleigh's hair mostly out of necessity. Trimming out horrible knots and getting rid of really long uneven hair. We've also had her hair professionally cut a few times by wetting it down, cutting a straight line along the bottom which isn't the curly girl way. 

So I sought out our local DevaCurl trained hair stylist and made an appointment a couple of weeks ago. She did absolutely great with Caleigh and was totally accommodating. She basically cut each curl while the hair was dry. Sticking with the curl pattern and trimming the baby hair off the ends.

After the cutting was done, Caleigh got to have her first salon shampoo. She was a little hesitant about it, but did really well. We got some tips and tricks on applying products and drying the hair which I think have helped a ton.

Caleigh's hair is definitely shorter now than what it was. Ponytails are tiny and pigtails don't exist anymore. Hair doesn't hang in her face all the time which is a total bonus.

All the frail baby hairs that were on the ends are gone now. This makes the tangles much more manageable because baby hair tangles easier than regular hair.

The curls are defined and they shine because the curl is laying how it is supposed to. Caleigh's hair is more even all over her head now too. The back of her head where she lays against everything has always been shorter. It may always be that way too. So having it more evenly distributed looks better. 

I took these photographs right after getting her hair cut and since then I think that I've improved my hair styling techniques. Practice makes more practice. Always. 

I'm half tempted to get my hair cut the same way. I'm still a fan of my straightening iron from time to time and I'm not sure how this cut would look on straightened hair. The jury is still out for me. 

For Caleigh though, I really like how her hair looks now. It's easier for me to do and most of the time her hair isn't a matted, knotted mess anymore. We're sticking with the DevaCurl hair cutting method from now on. I would totally recommend it to our curly sisters and brothers out there.

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