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Fall 2016

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My first semester as a graduate student was intense, but so completely rewarding. The extra time that I had outside of school was spent with Eric and Caleigh. Updating the blog came in last place. I didn't learn to balance my time or learn how to do it all and I imagine that I won't figure that out in the next three years. I've learned so much about myself, my artwork and how that relates to my advocacy. I've made some lifetime friends and colleagues that just get my quirky artist ways.  

Cinderella via

September was spent with a home nurse that wasn't a good fit for Caleigh or our family. She was there because we needed her there during my first month of classes. I honestly don't remember a lot about this time other than a terrible sense of mom guilt and an unhappy Caleigh. 

October brought us Caleigh's new nanny. The transition was a rough one due to the habits of the previously mentioned nurse. Nanny R has a child development background and stuck to her guns. It took a good two months, but they're now in a great routine. Caleigh dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween. She's loving the live version of the classic tale. There was glitter EVERYWHERE and I'm still finding it. My mom guilt lessened by 75% in October. Lets be real... it never really goes away. 

November is when I really dug in and started working on my art and not just spending my time on the bureaucracy of grad school. We took Caleigh to see Dr. Yngve in Galveston for a follow up visit. She was due for this back in June, but we were in Boston and a little preoccupied then. Caleigh's hips are exactly the same as last year. He suggests waiting another year for any decisions on hip surgery since she just had huge surgery this summer. We're good with that. We'll see the CP clinic in Boston next time we're there to get another opinion as well. Post-op for that kind of surgery will require several days in the ICU. So we want to make the right decision as to where. 

We put in all the paperwork for new manual chair seating and a completely new powerchair. We received the toilet chair that we ordered back in March. It's making life so much simpler and definitely safer. Since returning from Boston, Caleigh has really grown. It feels like we are needing to adjust and order everything new. 

December has started. How on earth are we already into December? I finished my first semester, I survived and I'm loving it. Caleigh had an appointment with her orthopedic doctor locally and he agreed on everything Dr. Yngve suggested. We've been in contact with Boston since we got home. We'll be planning a trip up in the Spring. Caleigh now weighs 57 pounds and is 45 inches long. Almost 4 feet tall! I'm 5 foot, so....

More to come in the next week!

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