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FYI - Questions Answered

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I have been getting a lot of questions about our due date and what exactly is going to happen when we have the baby. So I thought I would give everyone a run down of what we know so far.

I am currently 26 wks pregnant, at 32 wks, Eric and I will be going to to see Dr. Papa 2-3 times a week until the baby is born. Starting at 32 wks (Sept. 6th) the amniotic fluid could start becoming acidic and might start irritating the baby's bowels that are outside of the abdomen. Dr. Papa will closely watch the heat rate and make sure the baby isn't stressed in anyway and that the bowels aren't becoming dilated, which would make it harder for the surgeon to repair. If all goes well, and the baby is doing fine we will be induced the week of Oct. 4th and I will have the baby vaginally at 36 wks. If there are any problems or stress for the baby, I will have a c-section scheduled immediately. So generally we could be introducing Baby Gray to the world anywhere from Sept. 6th thru Oct. 4th. We are really praying for a vaginal birth. It would make it easier on the baby and on mommy:-) So we are hoping to make it all the way to October. The longer Baby Gray stays inside will ultimately make the recovery and hospital stay a much shorter process.

I am sure we will learn more as time goes on. I can't believe we have less than 10 wks to go! Our next doctor's appointment is on Mon. July 30th.

Much Love, xoxo

FYI: In the LINKS section (to the right of this post) I have added links to our baby registry, and information on Gastroschisis.

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