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201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray2 Comments

A few days after we got back from vacation our doctor called us and said that some of the blood-work that I had done before we left came back abnormal. So we went in and they did a sono. I was 18 weeks pregnant at the time. Our doc wanted us to go to see a high risk pregnancy Dr. So we had to wait 4 days not knowing really what was wrong. We went to the new doctor (Dr. Papa) and she told us that our baby has Gastroschisis. Which is when the stomach is closing up, around 5-8 wks of pregnancy, and it doesn't close all the way leaving a hole with bowel outside of the belly. This isn't life threatening or a long term problem. They don't know what causes it either. It usually occurs in first time parents and young parents about 1 in 5000 births, but they just don't know what the cause is. Our baby will be born at least a month early if not sooner and it will go straight over to Cooks for surgery to put everything back inside and then to the NICU where it will stay for at least 4 weeks learning how to eat normally. Things have been pretty crazy lately, but we are staying really positive about everything. We have been shopping for nursery furniture and staying busy with everything baby! They think we are having a girl but aren't sure. Our little peanut isn't really cooperating. Our next appointment is on July 5th and I will let everyone know an update then.


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