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Holding steady with a bit of yeast

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray2 Comments

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you...the dreaded yeast infection. Caleigh has a yeast rash all around her g-button and it is dangerously looming closely to her CVL site. Bad..very bad... If the yeast infection gets into her line we may have to pull it...again, very bad. Her CVL is her life line nutrition wise. We are praying that the yeast goes away, very, very far away! We started putting nystatin all over her torso to prevent the rash from spreading and to also heal the yeast already there. Yeast be gone.....

So we are still holding steady with 5ml an hour. Our GI doc is brave and wanting to up her rate by 1 ml every week. So on Monday we will go up to 6 ml an hour. Caleigh's tummy is still very soft and her stools are looking great. Fussy but manageable.

We got some news from Pittsburgh Children's Hospital today. They are willing to look at Caleigh's medical records and consider her case for a small bowel transplant. They don't seem to think that her PVL is a problem. Eric and I need to talk about the possibility of transplant further. We hadn't even considered the subject because we had always been told she wasn't a candidate. Who wants to believe that your child needs a transplant anyways? If we agree to a consult, we would be flown up to Pitt for 2 weeks and then return home on a waiting list for transplant. It could take months to years for Caleigh to get the transplant. Again I'm stressing this here...... we haven't decided on anything for sure. This is life changing, life altering and most of all just plain scary. I thought I would share this news so that everyone could pray for us to make the right decision and to follow our instincts. Plus here's the moral to the story (and I've said it before)..... if you don't like the answer, ask the question again. Someone will always have a different answer for you.

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