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Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray10 Comments
Hello all,

Well as some of you already know Caleigh scared the crap out of us on tuesday evening on the way home from her GI Dr.'s appointment and bought herself an admission to the Pedi ICU at Cook's Childrens. I hope Holly approves of this message, because this is Eric telling the stories tonight. We were about one half mile or less from being home when Holly yelled at me to pull the car over because Caleigh was not breathing. So we turned off of the large road on to a side street and I ran around and took Caleigh while Holly called 911. Caleigh was blue, limp, unresponsive and not breathing. I did some CPR and rescue breathing and stimulating and after about 1 or 2 minutes she began to occasionally take some shallow slow breathes, and after helping her breathe and stimulating her she began to breathe more and more on her own and the i could her the fire truck coming, what a relief. When they got there we gave her some oxygen and waited on an ambulance. finally after about 5 minutes in she finally began to cry some and that was some more relief, but it was not the vigorous cry that you would expect from Caleigh. I road with Caleigh in my lap in the ambulance and Holly drove home to get some supplies that Caleigh needed and met us at the hospital. After a short time in the ER Caleigh was admitted to the pediatric ICU. So then all the Dr's are trying to figure out the cause of the apnea episode. They ran all kinds of blood work and her WBC count was elevated pointing toward a possible bacterial infection some were. The Neurologist ordered an EEG that monitors brain activity and they have determined that Caleigh is having seizures, she had 3 during the 30 minute study. She does not have the seizures that most people think of witch are called grand mal seizures when someone has rhythmic tonic clonic movements(shaking). Her's have no noticeable physical signs it is just disturbances with the electrical activity in her brain. This can be easily controlled with medications witch they have started her on. I just came home to shower and get some clothes and things. Holly is up and the hospital (holding Caleigh of course) so i just wanted to let everyone know what is going on. I sure Holly will have much to add to these late breaking developments because i just hit the highlights and am about to head back to go take care of my beautiful girl's. Caleigh is probably going to be moved to a regular room tomorrow and we don't yet know how long they will keep her around but hopefully the will get her fixed up and back home very soon. I hope all of this made sense because after all it is 2 am and Holly and I snuk in about 2hrs of sleep each on Tuesday night.

Thanks for everyone's prayers, Eric
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