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Labor Day Photos

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Eyes open and smiling every now and then. It just melts our hearts!

Today was picture day! Look how big that binky is!

Snuggling her bunny while napping and wearing the Cpap breathing machine.

Here's Caleigh with her first hair cute is she? picture.

Here's mommy doing some kangaroo care.

Caleigh's stats are great when we get to hold her and mommy is happy too!

Caleigh Holding Mommy

Daddy watching Caleigh sleep in her hotel suite! She already has him wrapped around her finger.

We are still waiting on Caleigh to start feeds. This morning the nurse (Caleigh's favorite, Ashley) gave Caleigh a suppository to help her have a bowel movement for the first time. She had a small one, but unfortunately there was blood in her stool. The doctors want to watch her for awhile to see if anything else might happen. We are a little worried about the blood and have been praying it is just a fluke thing. If all goes well they might try tube feedings some time this week. As far as breathing machines go....the vent is gone (yea!!) and the cpap machine is being rotated on for 4 hrs and off for 8 hrs. So Caleigh is breathing on her own most of the time and she is doing great! I'm sure the docs will have her off of the cpap machine by the end of this week.

Yep, we finally did it! This is our new breast milk freezer! Later known as the meat freezer, says Eric.

This is how much milk we had to put in it. No more room in the regular freezer. This is just 2 wks!

Plus there is this much stored at the hospital! I feel like a milk factory!

Daddy gets to go to the dentist tomorrow and get his very first root canal! Wish us luck!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

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