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17 days later

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and we are doing great.

Caleigh is still off her oxygen and breathing wonderfully on her own! She gets 3 breathing treatments during the day now and we're hoping to drop a immediate doctor by the time we leave the hospital. Maybe our lung doctor will be one of the people that we only visit once a year.

The verdict is still out on Caleigh's high calcium levels. It has been completely removed from her TPN and they will check her levels again tonight. We are waiting on bloodwork to come back on a test for hyperparathyroidism. Something we don't want Caleigh to have. Maybe it was because she was immobile for so long. Maybe Caleigh is growing and her body is pulling the calcium from her bones to help her grow. We don't know. Hopefully, we can figure it out soon.

Caleigh is still just on the Methadone and Clondine patch. Her Methadone is being weaned by .2 daily and at this rate we should have her off of it by this coming Wednesday. The Clondine patch is actually a blood pressure medicine and not a narcotic. Because Caleigh has high blood pressure anyways, she will stay on the patch and probably go home on it. The patch helps with anxiety and similar symptoms related to withdrawals as well.

It's amazing.....Caleigh is only on 4 medicines right now if you count the patch. When we we're admitted to the hospital Caleigh was on 13 medicines at 24 doses a day. Our day revolved around medicine time. I'm pretty sure we will go home on more but for right now things are relatively quite. I did talk to the GI doctor about only introducing one med at a time if they think she needs something. That way if it doesn't seem to work or she has a reaction we will know what causes it. I think that is the plan.

Fireworks from our window tonight. The Gray's will have a prime fireworks watch spot if anyone is interested on the 4th!

Caleigh had another good stool today. We clapped and sang and did a little yippy! A sign things are waking up, but we are still waiting on the output from Caleigh's g-button to slow down. This would mean more is going through instead of coming out. We are still anticipating a contrast study some time this week.

Overall, Caleigh is feeling better. She has been smiling at us a bunch and mainly just seems more content instead of drugged up with medicine. Caleigh has also been sleeping really well at night. Odd because they do come in and out to take her temp and check her blood pressure, take blood for labs and give meds. We'll take it and Caleigh definitely needs the sleep to heal.

Caleigh weighs 14 pounds 2 ounces & is 24 inches long as of today.

This was the sunset view from our room tonight. Really serene. Everyone that comes into our room comments on what a great view we have. It's a big deal if you don't have to stare at another building from your window. One of our doctors mentioned the Feng Shui of the room helping with healing. Caleigh's Popaw said why not? We've already tried everything else! Feng Shui or not Caleigh seems to enjoy the sunlight. Eric and I definitely do.
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