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Closure Day & EEG

Holly D Gray1 Comment
Today is the scheduled closure day. Our surgeon is supposed to take Caleigh to the operating room and close the opening in her tummy. We don't have a time for this yet. So my next post will have details of how it went. Were looking at 15 to 30 minutes for the closure and then they will start to wean Caleigh off the ventilator as soon as she comes out of surgery. Caleigh's ventilator fighting skills are getting better so getting off the vent will be good for everyone's nerves and Caleigh's comfort.

This morning Caleigh had her third EEG to check her seizures. Eric and I have been noticing a shiver or cold chill like motion in Caleigh recently. It only lasts a few seconds and it really does look like a cold chill but they come in clusters of 5 or 6 usually after she wakes up or is tired. Caleigh's EEG went well and our neuro docs came by during the test and looked at the computer while the EEG was going on. They said that they expected it to look worse (always the optimistic Neurologist) but that it looked about the same as before. We were concerned about the shivers and a type of seizure called an infantile spasm. As of right now there are no signs on the EEG that they are happening. We pray that they don't happen....ever.

I am always worried about the seizures and Caleigh's state of mind. I know that after the bowel problems are repaired, solved and in the back of our mind as a painful memory; the seizures will always be there. It's just a fact, but we refuse to accept the debilitating scenario suggested by many of our doctors. Scientists of the medical world, they may be, but we are Caleigh's parents and can see the potential beaming from her eyes everyday. She will succeed. She is and will be great. She will change the world. She has already changed so much and so many.
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