Made of Gray

Day 3

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Day three after surgery and Caleigh is considerably more stable.

Today's focus was weaning Caleigh off of all the heart medicines. She was on 4 different kinds all trying to keep her little heart pumping. This afternoon, about 5pm, the last one was turned off and what a relief that was. Caleigh was started on some Lasix's, which help her kidneys go into overdrive to get the fluid off fast. It's working and her urine output is definitely up. Her swelling is down a tad from yesterday. All good news.

They turned off the paralytics that made her not fight the ventilator. She is still getting morphine and a sedative to keep her comfortable, but Caleigh has wiggled a few times. She is still letting the vent breathe for her and it's better that way so that she can rest and heal right now. Her heart rate is now down into the 120's when she is asleep, which is normal. Blood pressure is even better than normal. Again, all good news.

We sit and wait letting Caleigh rest and heal as much as possible. Today has been a quiet day and for that we are thankful.

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