Made of Gray

Day Four

Holly D Gray6 Comments

even better than
day three

Caleigh is starting to look like herself again and everyone is so proud of how well she is recovering. Yesterday, they decided to give her a drug to help her circulation because Caleigh's hands and feet were a bit chilly. Because of that drug her blood pressure was pretty low all day. Another balancing act but she did fine. This morning Caleigh woke up quite a bit and has started breathing over the ventilator and fighting the tube. We're waiting on the decision on when to close her tummy back up. I got a peek at it yesterday and from mom's point of view it doesn't look pretty, but from a surgical stand point it looks really good. The sooner we close the belly the sooner Caleigh can get off the ventilator. All of this is up to our surgeon and we should have a better plan some time today.

Yesterday and last night was pretty boring and again such a blessed thing. Eric got to run home for a bit and I think today I will try to sneak out for a few hours. I haven't left the hospital in 6 days so I'm slowly getting cabin fever. Thank goodness Cook's has a Starbucks!
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