Made of Gray

from the waiting room

Holly D Gray3 Comments
So far Caleigh is doing really well. Our surgeons successfully re-threaded her CVL line. It's in the same spot but placed deeper. They started working on the intestinal adhesions about an hour and a half ago and they are pretty extensive adhesions again. Her bleeding is under control and she is handling the surgery well. We were told that the surgery is expected to take 5 hours. Were coming up on hour 3 right now. They are being cautious and prepared. When we were admitted yesterday, they did bloodwork, ultrasounds, and we met with all of our doctors. I think everyone is on the same page. We are all optimistic that Caleigh will do much better this time around and she is already proving us right!

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. We will update as soon as we can.
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