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Gastroschisis in the News

Holly D Gray2 Comments
I got really excited this morning when I turned on the news and saw a picture of a yellow skinned baby with a NG tube. Not excited because there was a sick baby, but because the headline read 'Bethany was born with Gastroschisis and she may not make it to her 2nd birthday without a transplant.'..........

Awareness. It's that simple. Because of Bethany's family courage to put their story out there; maybe it will spark an interest in finding out why & how Gastroschisis happens. 1 in 5000 births it happens. 9 out of 10 are resolved easily with the initial closure surgery. Caleigh was that 10th baby. Bethany was that 10th baby. Maybe their story will boost child organ donor awareness. If Caleigh ends up needing a transplant it would have to be from a baby the same size as she is. It's hard as a parent to think the unimaginable which makes the donations of organs hard to find.

Maybe I smiled because it was confirmation, in the form of mass media, that we weren't alone. We have known that Caleigh isn't a single case . I read blogs daily of families going through similar situations. The 10th babies all over the world. Babies with other conditions causing short bowel syndrome. Those blogs and families give support, hope and education when we feel like our family has been living in a bubble for the past year. It's like an online playgroup of sorts. We may not be in the same park, strolling our babies on a path, but our minds & hearts are on the same journey.

Baby Bethany Dawson needs a bowel and liver transplant. She was born with Gastroschisis, the same as Caleigh. Her family lives in the UK & she just celebrated her 1st birthday. She is absolutely adorable. Bethany's family started a Facebook group to raise awareness for Organ Donation. The response to this group (30,000+ members) made other media authorities aware of their story. You can read her story here. I'm certain Bethany will receive her gift of life. God Bless this little baby.

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