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Lucky #7

Holly D Gray6 Comments
So here's a run down of what happened during surgery.......

Eric and I took Caleigh down to surgery about 8am. They took her back at 9am and didn't get started until about 10:30. Our surgeon gave Caleigh a new and improved CVL line, but used the same hole as before. Yea! No new scars! After that they opened her abdomen and started to cut away at her small intestines that adhered themselves together again. When they got that done they took a measurement of .......... 166 cm which is up from 94 cm in December. Ladies and gentleman that is a normal length for a newborn baby! So then the proceeded to do the STEP procedure (watch the video only if you have a strong stomach) In total 33 staples were placed giving Caleigh a total small intestine length of (drum roll, please)........ about 225-285 cm! Caleigh's belly is the smallest it's been in a long time. During this amazing feat Caleigh lost a lot of blood. 3 times her body's volume. She's a big fan of the blood products and this time is no different. On a side note, thank you.. thank you... thank you... to everyone that donates blood, platelets and plasma. I can't even count on two hands and ten toes how many times Caleigh has needed those. A huge thanks goes out!

So then they started on a stricture section of Caleigh's colon. In total they removed 6cm of transverse colon, this section was tiny and had probably (in theory) been injured in the womb. It just never grew, so hopefully with the removal of it we can start passing food through with ease and not backing up. Finally, they did a liver biopsy. Caleigh's liver is still green in color due to the bile, but they tell us that the appearance is usually the last thing to come around when the liver regenerates itself. We should have results in a few days from that.

Caleigh got out of surgery about 3:30 this afternoon. She did ok throughout the surgery and her vitals stayed stable. When they went to move Caleigh to the ICU her blood pressure dropped and they had to do a lot of scrambling to get it to an ok level. Her color was really pale and dusky. Not good. As of right now she is still getting assistance with her BP and it isn't really as stable as we would like. She did this last time too, so nothing new here, but nonetheless still scary. It has taken a long time for Caleigh to respond to the pain meds that they have been giving. We told her to be strong, a fighter, use that temper for good all before the surgery.....she did and continues to show that resistance. She has finally calmed down and I think we have all come to the conclusion that Caleigh has a really high pain tolerance and medicine intolerance. She's on high levels of fentanyl and I think they are going to switch to morphine as soon as her blood pressure is more stable.

Caleigh's on the conventional ventilator and everyone is anticipating the need for an oscillating ventilator, or high frequency, in the next 24 to 48 hrs, just like last time. We are hoping she doesn't need it, but the blood loss and replacement, mimics the Dec. surgery, meaning Caleigh will start to swell from all the fluids.

The vent tube (et) had to be replaced about an hour ago because the RT accidentally cut the ballon while trying to cut another section. Caleigh did great through this.

Please keep those prayers coming. We've told Caleigh that all her family, friends and fans are rooting for her. These next 48 hrs are important and crucial. We're praying this surgery is lucky #7.........
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