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On the Floor

Holly D Gray3 Comments
We finally made it to the surgical floor this afternoon. 12 days in the PICU isn't all it's cut up to be and we are glad to be in our own room.

Do you hear that?...........Quiet...that's what Caleigh and I hear right now and it's the most blessed sound possible after the last 12 days of nothing but noise. I think the noise is a lot of the reason Caleigh hasn't been sleeping. She's so jumpy with the withdraws and any little sound would jolt her out of sleep.

The increase in medicine has made a big difference in Caleigh today. Well, I don't know if it's really the increase or if it's finally catching up to her. Caleigh didn't need any morphine or versed during the day today which is a good sign. She seems to be more restful and sleeping a little bit better. Caleigh's respiratory rate is still worrisome for us. Right now as I look over at her monitor it reads 111 breathes per minute and she's fast asleep. This is not normal at all but at the same time her heart rate isn't too high. It's just a puzzle that everyone seems to be blaming on the withdraws.

So with all of these issues we had the choice to stay in the ICU or move to the floor. We chose to move because the past three days weren't getting us anywhere but exhausted and frustrated. Caleigh was at a place this morning with her pain meds that we felt comfortable enough that she was getting what she needs. During morning rounds we asked who would be following her pain and withdraw meds when and if we moved to the floor. You should have seen their faces! Uhhhhhhh..... they had no clue! Surely our surgeon wouldn't be responsible? So Eric and I asked that a pain management doctor follow her medicines and help to get her weaned off of them in a timely manor. They quickly agreed and then threw in the towel on trying to 'fix' the complicated child. Not really, but you could tell that they were tired of telling us that they don't know why Caleigh is breathing so fast.

Caleigh's blood cultures that were sent off when she was having a fever are all still negative. Fever can be a sign of withdraw too. We're really happy that so far infection has stayed away. She is still on the oxygen too. Every nurse that we have either tries to turn it up to 'help' with breathing or turn it off. We explain that our lung doctor likes it just the way it is and he is the one making changes. Caleigh also has been getting breathing treatments every six hours to help open up her lungs. From the lung point of view things are looking great. Caleigh's bowel sounds are still really quiet. Things just haven't woken up yet and all the pain medicine slows the gut down anyway. We're waiting on the classic signs that things are ready. Drainage turns clear, stool or smear, and clear bowel sounds. Until these things happen we will just be holding tight.

So here we are tucked away in our own room. Eric actually came up to the floor and scoped out the best room available before our nurse called up. We have a nice view of the west, a recliner rocker that actually works and two large windows. It's our 2008 summer vacation destination, so of course we would only want the best!
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