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One Week Post STEP

Holly D Gray7 Comments

It's been 7 days since Caleigh's initial surgery and she is doing great. Her belly is the flattest it's ever been.......I think she might have received a tummy tuck!

This morning at 8:30 Caleigh came off the ventilator and onto a heated nasal canula. Right now she is at 30% oxygen and her last blood gas was great. They might remove the arterial line, used to check bloodwork, tonight and then we will be able to hold her. Caleigh still has a catheter for urine and a central line with three lines coming off of it in her thigh. Those two things will stay until we are rolling out the door to go to our own room. She is still on a morphine drip and we are watching to make sure that there aren't signs of withdraw since they lowered her amount dramatically so that she could get off the vent.

We haven't heard any cries yet just whimpers and lots of lip puckering but no cries. Caleigh is still really hoarse from the vent. The Respiratory Therapist pulling the vent tube out forgot to deflate the balloon on the end of the tube. Eric tried to stop her but it was too late. Hopefully, the fact that it came out easily meant there wasn't any damage, but it can definitely cause harm to the vocal cords. We told the ICU doc what happened and he apologized. What else is there to do but wait and see?

Today we had to do more blood cultures because Caleigh had a temperature of 102F. The fever showed up after the vent came off and she was working really hard to breath on her own and after all the pain meds and sedation had been turned off. So those could be the cause but at the same time Caleigh had an open wound on her belly for 5 days and that is a definite site for infection. Caleigh has been on antibiotics since the night before surgery so if something comes back positive they will have to adjust the antibiotics to treat whatever it may be.

We're probably looking at a few more days in the ICU. The end of next week we will take Caleigh for the routine contrast study to see if there are any blockages or leaks in her bowels.
At this point we have 'new' intestines. There is no looking back once you staple the intestine and re-shape it. Everyone is so hopeful about the possibilities of 200+ cm of small bowel. So we have new intestines and a new start. Not a problem if it works and that's what we're praying for.

It's exciting to have a plan and to be past the events of the last week. No looking back.....only leaps and bounds forward......

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