Made of Gray

Successful Closure

Holly D Gray4 Comments
The procedure only took a grand total of 20 minutes, but the hoopla leading up to the event was a welcome site. All of the anesthesiologists know Caleigh now and they are super prepared for anything she may have to offer. Before they would even take her out of the ICU they ordered two units of blood, plasma and platelets. They gave her an extra IV on her foot, just in case. I bet there is a picture of Caleigh in their break room with a caption below reading non-compliant. Better to be prepared.

Caleigh is still on the ventilator and still heavily sedated. Possibly tomorrow they will start the weaning process, but for now she needs her pain meds.

I miss hearing our little girl cry. Caleigh cries a lot. It's just a way of life for us and I miss it. I miss the smiles and everyday things that seemed like a hassle. A hassle that we had just gotten a hold of and figured out. The routine I miss. I miss holding Caleigh and kissing on her. Caleigh I miss.
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