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Drama in the Diaper

Holly D Gray1 Comment
Caleigh will be a teenager one day & you know how teens are about naked baby pictures! This was just too cute to pass up. Koko decided to join in of course.

So on Friday, I put a call into our GI doc and told him about Caleigh screaming after we give her the Reglan and how her output has been really high. Of course we mentioned the diaper rash. We knew that she was 'dumping' or the food wasn't absorbing. Also, Caleigh's g-button was really red and smelled funny so we were concerned about that. So he ordered us some antibiotics for the infection that is probably going on around her g-button, liquid & cream. We aren't giving Caleigh her dose of Reglan at 11pm, but we have continued the other doses and she seems to be doing much better. Last night she slept great. Her diapers have slowed down, and her rash is getting better as of today. Last night Eric and I changed out Caleigh's g-button. The one that she had in was really long stemmed and the diameter around wasn't big enough. Our surgeon had put a long button in to anticipate Caleigh swelling after this last surgery. Good thing! So we changed it out because the hole was leaking a lot and probably the cause of the infection.

Our next appointment is on Thursday, but if things aren't better we will go in sooner. Right now we are at 8ml an hour. A recent record for Caleigh, so don't let her in on the little secret.

As far as the diaper rash we got all kinds of replies about what to do. We had already used most of the suggestions before I even posted out of frustration. Caleigh's tush was broken down and the nothing was staying on her skin. Poor baby. Here are a few just in case you might be in our situation.

- Ashley wrote 'collodial silver, butt paste & corn starch,' we have the butt paste but haven't ever thought of collodial silver & corn starch. Good Suggestions, we will be trying!

- Donna H. wrote, 'Happy Hiney,' we've been through a tub of this already. It's actually been called something different at every hospital we have been too. Happy Hiney is from Cooks. In Pittsburgh it is called Pitts Paste. Good stuff.

- Amy wrote, 'Dr. Smith's,' The Gray Family Loves Dr Smith's. This is our go-to diaper rash cream, but it just didn't cut it this time. We already used up a tub & a half.

-Jenn wrote, 'Bag Balm or Beaudreaux's Butt Paste,' We've already used up a tube of Beaudreaux's but the Bag Balm idea is great and we used some for about a half a day yesterday.

- Racheal wrote, 'Triple Paste,' We used up the tube you got us for our baby shower! I remember you telling me how well Lily did with it. I had high hopes, but it just didn't work. I think Caleigh's hiney was a little to far gone.

-Emma wrote, 'Canesten Cream and wash with cotton instead of wipes,' as soon as the diaper rash got bad we switched to washcloths and warm water for Caleigh's little hiney. The cream is a good idea if there is signs of yeast. In Caleigh's case her little tush is broken down from the dumping. Good Idea.

-Donna E. wrote, 'Desitin & Ostomy Powder,' we use the ostomy or stoma powder around Caleigh g-button so as soon as the rash started we began to put the powder on as well as a barrier spray. I used some Desitin in the beginning of this whole thing, maybe with the powder, but at this point I don't remember. It's a great idea and simple to try.

Our nurse told us to leave Caleigh without a diaper as much as possible. So the past two days we have been going commando. Hence the picture..... Anyways, she also suggested Calmospetine cream. It's a skin protectant and kinda like calamine lotion, pink and everything. So last night we started using it and also A&D ointment, which is also a skin protectant. Caleigh's tush looks great this morning and seems to be getting better every time we change her diaper.

Thank you so much for all the suggestions!

So whew! That's been the diaper rash drama over the last week. I think we finally got a grip on things and hopefully Caleigh will be rash free soon!

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