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I'll take formula for 200 Alex

Holly D Gray3 Comments
10 minutes, that's how long Caleigh's contrast study took. It went in and out a little too fast. Even though Caleigh has around 250cm of small bowel her label is still short gut. Yesterday, we did the contrast study in the morning followed by a liver, gallbladder & kidney ultrasound. By that afternoon we started pedialyte at 2ml an hour.

Today we got the ultrasound results back and Caleigh does in fact have gallstones. Mainly from not eating, and the ever so wonderful results of living off of TPN. Caleigh's liver levels have been a bit elevated since surgery and I believe her last total bilirubin was at 1.9. Still not bad and everyone is expecting that number to drop once we start some serious feed advancements. The gallstones are just going to hang out and we will probably wait and see with them.

This afternoon we started Caleigh back on formula, half strength or 10 calorie. This is also at 2ml an hour continuous and so far so good. If the formula starts running right through Caleigh and not absorbing we will add medicine to slow things down. Opposite of our speed things up meds from before. Caleigh has actually been in a better mood since we started putting food in her belly. Again, this is completely opposite of her past reactions. So we will continue to advance the feeds this week and see how things go. Who knows we may be home by next week sometime. Wishful thinking of course.

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