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Independence Day

Holly D Gray4 Comments

As many expected, The Gray Family is home. H-O-M-E. We made it to our destination exactly one month to the date, and believe me that was long enough. Caleigh's first 4th of July had an unexpected meaning this year. Independence, Freedom....all the fun words of the national 4th applied to our dear Caleigh this year. Daddy was at work, Caleigh didn't get to see any fireworks....neither did mommy. We came home and slept.....alot. No one to bother us, wake us up for vitals, doctors to talk to. Sleep, good ole, sleep.

Actually, Eric and I didn't really expect to be bringing Caleigh home so soon. We thought at least another few weeks to work on feeds, but I guess our doctors are convinced that we can handle it. We think we can too!

So as of today Caleigh is is on full strength, 20 Calorie Neocate formula. She is getting 3ml an hour and tomorrow we will go up to 4ml. Once we started full strength formula Caleigh's bowel movements slowed down. She is having a lot of gas pains and yesterday we gave her a suppository to help move things out. It seemed to relieve some of her pain, but not all. So at 5am when she woke up screaming we decided she needed another go at it. The stool coming out is so normal it's scary. Caleigh had a pretty big diaper and seems to be feeling better again. Her gas pains are still evident and I plan on calling our GI tomorrow to see what we should do. We are already giving Caleigh gas drops, but maybe we are missing something.

Another problem we are having is that Caleigh decided to start teething around the same time we started feeding her. I'm not talking one's all of them! Her gums are so hard. Caleigh doesn't have the coordination yet to bring her hands to her mouth purposefully. About a week before Caleigh's surgery she stopped loving her pacifier and now gags when we try to put it in her mouth. The only thing she will let in is our fingers. She loves it and chews like crazy. It makes her feel better. The only problem is that it hurts our fingers! Did I mention her gums feel like rocks! Eric and I only hope it doesn't take long for Caleigh's teeth to come in. It's hard to differentiate between belly pain and tooth pain. This normal baby stuff is for the birds!

With all of the oral aversion problems Caleigh is having it's made me think. I should invent a pacifier that has stages of nipples. You see all the pacifiers out there have really long nipples and as soon as you reach a certain point in Caleigh's mouth she gags. If I made a short nipple binky then Caleigh would still have the ability to suck. She will suck on our fingers when we put it in the very front of her mouth. We were told by the speech therapist in the hospital that Caleigh probably won't get back the ability to suck. She will just have to transition to chewing. As I've said on here before, I dreamed of breastfeeding and when that was gone I started dreaming of bottle feeds. So this new information has made me sad. We're still going to keep trying though! Letting Caleigh 'tell' us what she wants.
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