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Time Flies When Your Having Fun

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Can I just say how nice it is to be home. I mean, really....really nice. Things have been going great since my last post. I guess so great that I haven't really felt the need to post much of the daily grind. Caleigh has been in such a good mood and smiling more than ever before. We've had a couple of things pop up since this weekend, but nothing terrible.

First thing is that Caleigh gave me a little scare when burping her g-button early Tuesday morning. The residual was a light green color. Any short gut parent knows that green is bad. So we made an appointment with our GI and went in that day. Of course once we got there it had cleared up. I was having hospital flash backs and dreading the advice to go to the ER, but we all decided that Caleigh just got a little backed up and everything seems fine. Her output has been really high and we have been changing her diaper any where from ten to seventeen times a day. Forget the cost of gas! What about the cost of diapers! Geez..... Not to mention the fact that Caleigh now has the worst diaper rash I think she has ever had. We've been coating her little tush with everything possible, but if anyone has any advice please let us know.So at the GI appointment we decided to put Caleigh back on the Reglan to help her motility. The green residual was a sign that things just weren't moving along in the right direction. Since starting the Reglan Caleigh has been up screaming a lot at night after her 11 o'clock dose. So we are going to watch it and if it doesn't get any better we may want to take her off of it. It's so nice to be able to add one medicine at a time and be able to see what effect it has on Caleigh. That way we know if it is working, hurting or not doing anything for her.

You might notice that Caleigh's eyes seem to be a bit crossed in the top pictures. This is something new that she has been doing so we made an appointment with the eye doctor. Well see what he has to say about it. The appointment isn't until August 8th though.

So here are some numbers to run by.....

6ml an hour of Neocate + 3% Pectin, that's the amount of formula Caleigh is getting and we will go up to 7ml tomorrow.

15 lbs, that's how much Caleigh weighs as of this morning. We finally bought our own baby scale. So that we can get a daily weight.

3, that's the number of naps Caleigh has been taking a her own crib!

17, that's how many size 3 diapers I changed yesterday. Whew!2-5, that's how many minutes Caleigh took her pacifier last night & really sucked on it! I went through all the pacifiers I had bought and this one had the shortest nipple. So were trying and working on it and I just had to take a picture!10, that's how many minutes Caleigh will stay in her Bumbo. She's holding her head up so much better now. Still a little wobbly but doing much better.
5, that's how many days till Caleigh's 11 month birthday!

Here are some links:

The pink wrap around Caleigh's tummy. It's a life saver & a line saver! Happi Tummi

Little Carter from Plano. His mom keeps a website for him too. Check it out & pray that they get to leave the hospital soon and make it all the way back to Texas. He is such and doll and check out those eyes!

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