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TPN Induced Obesity?

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Well, it's not that serious, but at the GI appointment our doc decided that Caleigh was gaining too much weight and needed to slow down on the growing. It's ironic to us because the first 6 months of Caleigh's life was spent malnourished to help save her liver. As of today Caleigh's direct bilirubin is 0.1 and total is 0.3. Liver is fine and we have been pushing the calories and fats since the end of January. Caleigh's growth chart goes from nothing to shooting straight up. It's almost reaching up to the 5th percentile, but not quite. As of today she weighs 16 1/2 lbs. and is now in 12 months clothes. I never thought we would make it out of size one diapers, but we've already gone up to 3's. With Caleigh getting more formula (up to 13ml an hour now) she seems to be absorbing well enough to be gaining weight. So the solution is to again cut back on the TPN. We went down on the rate and now Caleigh is only hooked up for 20 hours a days. We're thrilled. It's almost liberating. The schedule is to keep going up with formula and down with TPN.

A few days ago Caleigh got to try carrots and she seemed to like them ok. She really doesn't know what to do with all of it, but we are determined to get our baby to eat by mouth at some point. Sometimes when we give Caleigh the food she just cries and screams but other times she chews and swallows. So well just try, try, try again.
We had a good weekend filled with car trips to the grandparent's house and to cousin Brody's first birthday party. Today we had a really good visit with my Uncle Doug & Aunt Michelle & their two girls Brooke and Jordan. They came all the way from Missouri just to visit us......and the rest of their family & friends (wink, wink). We hope to see them again really soon. So Caleigh did really well with all the traveling & visiting and it gives us the courage and desire to get out and about a little more before our October hibernation.

Thanks to everyone that has RSVP'd for Caleigh's birthday party. Looks like we will be having a full house! And I'm pretty certain we will need a bigger house!
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