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A week full of Rounds

Holly D Gray6 Comments
This week Caleigh got to visit 3 out of her 8 doctors. We've been super busy. Next week we will be visiting 3 more. That seems to be the going rate! We went to the GI doc, Pedi and Surgeon. Caleigh got her 9 month shot late at the Pedi. Being in the hospital she never got it. So now she is all caught up. Caleigh got an A+ at the surgeon and we don't need to go see him unless something comes up.

Over the past week Caleigh made it up to 10ml an hour. She is doing really well with the increase and thinking back she hasn't had that much per hour since early January and that only lasted a few days. We've been on 10 since Wed. and we plan on hanging out there until we get Caleigh's liquid stools under control. On Thursday we started giving Caleigh Imodium 3 times a day. Which brings the daily medicine total up to 9 different kinds. Ughhh.....Oh well she needs them. The Imodium should help slow things down and let it sit in the colon a little longer than it is, helping things absorb better. So far we haven't seen any improvement. So if the liquid craziness doesn't get better by Monday we are looking at our old friend bacterial overgrowth. Caleigh's tummy is all set up for the BO because of all the antibiotics she has been on since surgery and if any part of the intestine isn't moving things along, there is a chance for the bacteria to set in.Caleigh's diaper rash is still being a bit of a pain. The rash part is gone we just have blisters and broken down skin to deal with. So far Caleigh doesn't seem to be bothered by it, but it sure looks like it hurts. We've ordered a tube of Ilex paste and we should be able to pick it up on Monday. You basically put the paste on thick, let it dry and then put vaseline over it. During each diaper change you only wipe off the vaseline and not the paste. This is supposed to protect the skin and let it heal. Right now each time we wipe it just seems to be making it worse. A lot of the Hirschprungs kiddos use the paste and I've heard great things about it so I am very optimistic. At this point everything we are using, even corn starch, isn't sticking to Caleigh's bottom anymore. So I hope this works out.

Caleigh on her tummy......something that I have really been serious about lately. Before Caleigh's surgery she just wouldn't tolerate being on her tummy. Either her g-button was leaking and hurting or we were recovering from a surgery. So tummy time just didn't happen much and if it did, Caleigh would scream the whole time. So every chance we get we are putting her on her belly. Sometimes she screams and sometimes she is ok with it. Along with tummy time comes head control. If Caleigh uses the muscles to pull her head up off the floor then overtime her head will become more controlled. So we've been rolling around on the floor all week trying to convince her that she loves to be on her tummy........hmmmm...we haven't exactly succeeded yet.
+ Caleigh had her 11 month birthday on Tuesday. The count down to Caleigh's first birthday is getting shorter. We just can't wait to celebrate. Eric and I have started planning for a small shindig at our house. Hamburgers...cake...all the fun birthday stuff. I'm planning on doing an evite so if you want one please email us.

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