Made of Gray

Calling the Milk Man

Holly D Gray4 Comments

Eric went to check the mail today and what did he bring back? A shiny new award certificate from the Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas. You may remember that I donated all of my breastmilk to the milk bank back in February. The certificate wanted to congratulate me on the 1616 ounces of breast milk that I donated. Of course that's a lot, but how much you ask? Exactly 12.625 Gallons! Wow, I'm pretty sure my boobs hurt just thinking about it! You go girls...... I was a milk machine for 3 months. 12 Gallons makes all those lonely nights without my baby, at 3am, pumping milk and watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air worthwhile. It makes all the time spent away from Caleigh's isolate pumping in the next room rewarding. Because my milk came in premature it had a higher calorie content. My milk went to premature babies. Babies that are like Caleigh. It makes me smile.
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