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Happy Birthday Caleigh

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Caleigh's first Birthday was a great day. Of course the day started with a few renditions of Happy Birthday. Caleigh smiled and made my day. We made cookies and took them up to the nurses at the NICU. A little tradition that I think we will continue for many years to come. We owe the NICU and all their staff a huge thank you for all they have done for our family. Plus everyone loves cookies! It's a win... win situation.

Caleigh with her Pawpaw. I get big smiles like this all the time, but can't take a picture while it's happening. I'm so glad she thought his beard tickled. So cute.

Next, we took Caleigh to the FireStation to see the big red trucks for the first time. She was somewhat excited, but I think Eric and I were even more so. It's so nice to be able to do things that at times we thought might never happen.We came home and started getting ready for the big party. I will write more about Caleigh's first year and post party pics as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone that left Caleigh happy birthday wishes!

I've been working on this slideshow since Caleigh was in the hospital. It's not exactly how I want it, but there is always Caleigh's second year to make things perfect. It's long, I warn you. But there was a year of nothing but adorable photos to add. Enjoy!

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