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It's my party & I'll cry if I want to

Holly D Gray7 Comments
This is definitely Caleigh's birthday week and if she wants to cry she will! She has been very clingy not wanting anyone but her mama. I'm pretty sure I have held her the entire week and when I wasn't she was letting her disagreement about the situation be heard. Maybe it's a phase and hopefully she will do well at the birthday party. (Crossing my fingers)

Eric and I loaded Caleigh up, and her large amounts of supplies, and made the trip to Tyler to visit our Anat Baniel practitioner. First of all let me say that I love what she did and showed us to do. I would have someone do the therapy with Caleigh everyday if I could. Now lets talk about Caleigh excitement about the situation. Ummmm.....none. Out of the total 4 hour round trip Caleigh cried, screamed and threw a fit for 2.5 hours of that time. Sweating, breathing hard and giving Eric and I flashbacks to her old seizure days; we were exhausted by the time we got there and so was Caleigh. She was fussy and not so cooperative. On the way home we had to pull over twice to try to console and give Caleigh a break in crying before strapping her back in and enduring more of the uncomfortable situation. Darn that carseat law :-) So it didn't go well and I think Eric and I have decided not to put Caleigh through that again for awhile. I think her top travel time is about 45min. to an hour. I'm really sad that we didn't get to do more and that Eric and I were so worn out that we really couldn't get into it as much as I hoped. On the way home we joked that sending me to California and paying the 30 grand to put me through the school for 2 years would be easier than traveling the 2 hrs again. I'm really disappointed. To bad she isn't closer. Maybe we can try again when Caleigh gets a little older.

Today we went to the GI doctor and it was decided that Caleigh is still gaining too much weight. So she is now only on TPN 16 hours a day. Wow, the freedom! She's taking in 17ml an hour and weighed in at a scale tipping 17lbs. Growing like a weed. We started a round of Flagyl, antibiotic, to try to get rid of some crazy gas pains that Caleigh is having. There might be a little bacterial overgrowth there causing it but she isn't really showing any other signs. We are still doing the Oregano oil and that seems to be helping keep things at bay.

Got to get some sleep, party prep and have a wonderful first birthday with Caleigh tomorrow.

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