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Holly D Gray7 Comments

I've been MIA for a few days catching up on emails, writing thank you notes, taking Caleigh to her many appointments. Ah, yes and sleeping too.

The outpouring of caring words and positive reinforcement over the last few days have been amazing. Thank you for that. In the spirit of moving on, Caleigh has been in a great mood. We went to the nephrologist on Monday and Caleigh's blood pressure is good. So we are to keep doing what we are doing. We don't have to go back until February. Knocking one doctor off the list helps. Yesterday we had an amazing OT session where Caleigh laid on her belly pushing up on her arms and holding her head up for a good 10 minutes straight. An all time record. Later that day we went to Caleigh's first Feldenkrais session. She did excellent on the ride over and was still asleep when we got there. The session overall went very well. It was full of meet and greet information along with a few referrals to some other alternative therapies. During the therapy Caleigh made her first 2 syllable sound. She's been a 1 sound baby for so long it was quite a pleasant surprise. She really seemed to connect with the practitioner. I think we will continue to see her and I'm going to look into a few of the therapies she suggested.

Tomorrow we have Caleigh's swallow study followed by a GI appointment on Friday. Busy..Busy.....oh and did I fell to mention that Caleigh is taking 21 ml an hour! Another record for the books.....
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