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Caleigh has really been working on getting her hand to her mouth. It takes a little placement as far as her shoulders go, but once she is in position, Caleigh starts chewing and licking like crazy.

A long overdue update on things in the Gray household. We have been really busy preparing for Caleigh's first birthday. Our house will be full so if your coming be prepared! Brisket is now on the menu. mmmm...Yummy. I just saw the weather forecast and it's supposed to be a cool 93 degrees with a 20% chance of rain. That's really exciting because the past two weeks have been over a hundred.
Caleigh has been doing wonderful lately. She's all the way up to 16ml an hour. Her stools have slowed down to 3 or 4 a day and they really look great. Diaper rash is all gone. Caleigh's belly is the softest it has ever been. She has occasional spells with some pretty bad gas pains, but as soon as they're over she's back to content. Caleigh has been smiling even more each day and we've gotten a few chuckles out of her too. She has been teething something horrible here lately and not sleeping as well. Those naps that I have grown accustom to aren't happening anymore. Hopefully those little buds will pop through soon.Last Friday we made it over to the eye doctor. Caleigh has been crossing her eyes ever since her last surgery and we wanted to see if anything was going on. For those that haven't met Caleigh, her visual issues are apparent when first trying to get her attention. If she doesn't know you or your at a distance she really doesn't make good eye contact. It's almost like she is ignoring you. So the eye doctor watched her cross her eyes and looked at the eyes with a special lens. You don't see with your eyes, you see with your brain. If the brain isn't making that connection to the eyes then the person acts as if they can't see. Nothing is wrong with Caleigh's actual eyes. It's her brain that seems to be the issue so far. Our eye doctor seems to think that when she crosses her eyes, Caleigh is actually looking at the tip of her nose. So she sees something and then as a coping mechanism to process what is going on she crosses her eyes on a focus point, i.e. her nose. He mentioned CVI, which of course we are hoping isn't the case, but at 9 mths corrected I think we have a diagnosis. It just isn't on paper as of yet. We will go back to see him in 4 months unless the crossing gets worse. It seems better since I made our appointment about a month ago. I am hoping with Caleigh's new therapy that focuses on training the brain that her vision will get better.This week's schedule is crazy. Tomorrow we draw labs and have PT come to work with Caleigh. Wed. we go to Tyler for our first Anat Baniel session. I can hardly wait! Thursday we go to the GI doctor and Friday we have OT. Something everyday it seems. Plus pulling everything together for the party.

I have been really, really behind on thank you notes. So behind. I'm working on them...I Promise! This week I'm blaming my procrastination on the Olympics. I just love'em!
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