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Shiny New Button

Holly D Gray2 Comments
This morning we successfully achieved a traditional short gut milestone. At 5am we got up to give Caleigh her medicine. I changed her diaper and then went to put her on her side and felt something funny....something not there....
Caleigh's G-button was out of her stomach and hanging down by her diaper. Nice. The balloon had busted and there was no fixing it. So the only thing to do is make a trip to the ER to get another one. I think Eric and I handled the situation with ease. We didn't rush, didn't freak out. This was nothing compared to what we have dealt with and we both laughed about the whole thing. Put the broken button back in the hole, covered it with 4x4's and tape and off we went. So at 6 this morning we visited Cook's, got a new button and made it home by 8. Shortest hospital visit in Caleigh's history. Maybe this is a new trend?

I had just been talking to our insurance case manager about letting us have another button at home so that we had one 'just in case.' We have already met our maxium coverage on durable medical equipment so they won't let us have another one. Our new Medicaid coverage only covers a button once every six months and the one that broke was that 'one.' The only option is to go to the ER and have the insurance pay for a Mic-Key Button and ER visit as an outpatient thing. Stupid, I know. Working our way around the system I guess.

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