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What will we do......

Holly D Gray2 Comments
I'm sitting here wondering what we will do with all of our spare time since our GI doc doesn't want to see Caleigh for the next four weeks. Yippy! Can somebody say stable? Caleigh is still having quite a bit of gas pains and so far that is our only obstacle. The likely culprit is bacterial overgrowth, but we are going to take a few steps to figure out if it really is. First of all, Eric and I stopped giving Caleigh the Reglan (for motility) on Monday. We also stopped the mylicon drops. We felt she didn't need the Reglan anymore because her bowel movements have been really constistent. Plus she would be really irritable after we gave it to her. The mylicon didn't seem to be helping at all and why give a medicine that doesn't work? So the next step is to cut down Caleigh's dose of Imodium. Our doc wants to see if we are slowing things down so much that it is trapping the gas in. We will watch Caleigh's output for the next few days and if her stools become liquid again the we will go back up on the Imodium and start the antibiotic Xifaxin for overgrowth. If we get to that point, we will switch Caleigh's formula from Neocate Infant to Peptamen Junior with Prebio. The thought being that maybe her gas is coming from the formula. Also, Caleigh is one now and needs different nutrition than an infant. This new formula comes pre-mixed in liquid form so it will be a huge time saver for us as long as she can tolerate it.

We also went to do our swallow study on Thursday and it didn't happen. We drove all the way to the hospital to have a speech therapist tell us that we were doing a great job at introducing foods and helping Caleigh get past her oral aversion, but that she can't get enough food down to actually do the contrast study. I could have told them that. Oh well, I think we are going to look into a feeding clinic. Cook's is just starting theirs and Baylor in Dallas is supposed to have a good one. Maybe that's what we will do with that empty GI time slot.

Otherwise things are going well. I've set up appointments with our Feldenkrais practitioner. We will be going twice a week and I'm excited to see how things go. We still have PT and OT coming to the house for therapy. This coming week is pretty quiet as far as doctor's visits go. Only one and that is to our pediatrician to get Caleigh's 1 year shots. Well enjoy a week full of therapies and home time. Happy Labor Day to everyone!

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