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Holly D Gray7 Comments
Caleigh loves to the Emergency Room in the early dawn hours. We had to make a return trip to the ER at 4 this morning. It was a repeat offense.....Broken G-Button. At 3am I went to change Caleigh's diaper and there it was sitting next to her. Of course, Caleigh acted all innocent.  Actually, I don't think it was her, the balloon had a leak. So we patched it up again, loaded her up and off we went. There was a tiny wait and when we finally got to see the ER doctor we convinced her to give us an extra button for the house. HaHaha.....sticking it to the man, or the insurance company as it would be. So now we only have to go to the ER every other time. We made it back home by 6:30 and all of us crashed in bed. I'm soooo tired! We keep thinking things will slow down, but I guess Caleigh has different plans for us.

This next week we go see the nephrologist, GI doctor and do Caleigh's swallow study. She has been doing really well with the taste tests. We've tried almost all the stage 1 foods and she seems to like them after the initial gaging. I think she has most of her issues with the spoon and a lot of the time I just use my finger to give her the food. Some sort of sensory issues I'm sure.  

So last week when things didn't go so well on our drive to Tyler to see the Anat Baniel practitioner, I started looking into local Feldenkrais body workers. I found a lady in Dallas and her office is only about 30 minutes from our house. We have our first appointment with her on Tuesday. I have high hopes once again.
Thanks to everyone that commented about our doctors visit. I'll say this.....I was sad, my feelings were hurt. After I finished posting the events and getting the sadness off of my chest.......I got mad. I'll drop the subject and leave it at we must move on, with all respect.....and prove her completely Wrong. 

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