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Network Care (take 2)

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Tuesday came and we loaded Caleigh up for our Network Spinal Care appointment. Let me just say, we were a bit disappointed with the entertainment value that the new Doctor provided! No dramatics, no crazies, no 'dolphin' like waves! I even asked the new doc about the other Chiropractor's dramatic techniques. She told us "yeah some still do that, but I'm trying to distance myself from that" She kinda rolled her eyes a bit. So things were calm and normal during the appointment. She uses a hybrid approach of Network Care, Cranial Work, & Regular Chiropractics. Caleigh seemed to like her. There was NO crying to "release" whatever it was that needed releasing. The overall experience was much more pleasant for Caleigh and for us. She used a combo of Chiropractics and Network Care on me and it felt nice. My back felt so much better after seeing her. Eric didn't really have any back pain going in, but he said that he liked what she did. He didn't have that crazy look on his face, 'like where did you bring me?' She did say that Caleigh's back and My back were holding stress in the same areas. Some would say that Caleigh is carrying my stress or vice versa. She was very informative. She showed us some new things to do and was generally a nice person. Her prices are much more affordable and I think we are going to buy a package of 10 sessions to see how things go. So I guess we will add that to our list of appointments. She also suggested that we look into Chiropractic Neurology. It's on my to do list!

Today, I woke up to a very very congested & coughing Little Miss Caleigh. I was worried that whatever she has could turn into an infection so I called and got an appointment with our Pedi. We got in this afternoon. Good news is that Caleigh's ears look great. No ear infections. She did find quite a bit of thick drainage down the back of Caleigh's throat. So she gave us a script for amoxycillin. We're only going to use it for a minimum of 7 days 'cause the longer she's on it the more bacteria it will produce in her gut. Double edge sword of sorts. Checking in with our doc made us feel better and as long as we keep the fevers away we are good to go.

Thanks to everyone that voted for Caleigh. We can feel the love. And don't you feel super ready to get out there and vote in November with this little warm up? I know, I do! This little darling won the 5 Minutes for Special Needs photo contest. Isn't she just the cutest? You can read all about Gabi here.

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Today we hit a huge TPN milestone. Caleigh is now only on TPN 12 hrs a day. We have slowly been dropping the rate along with hours ever since she came home in July. A pleasant surprise was the bags that her TPN comes in. For the first time in forever, Caleigh's TPN bags are 500ml instead of 1000ml. This makes for a lighter load for sure! We are at 25ml of formula a hour and expect to be around full feeds by the end of October. We can't wait!

To Caleigh: From Mommy:
Tonight when I laid you in your bed you wanted me to hold you. As you laid on my chest thoughts rushed through my mind of everything that 'needed' to get done. I wished you would go to sleep so that I could get to those things. Then you looked at me, babbled a few times, and then slowly fell asleep. As I held you on my chest, I breathed in your sweet smell, rubbed your back and relaxed. Why on earth would I want to do anything but hold my sweet sleeping baby? The daily chores, hustle and bustle always seem to get in the way. Taking you for granted, all those precious moments that once upon a time seemed so far out of reach. I'm so truly blessed to have those moments. I will never forget the feeling of my sweet baby girl all curled up on my chest sleeping so peacefully. Never.
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