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Holly D Gray4 Comments
Caleigh's first year has been full of numbers. Some good, some not so good but all apart of Caleigh's first year nonetheless. Here's the run down.....

28 weeks

2 pounds 2 ounces 14.5 inches long

260 long days in the hospital

105 beautiful days at home

9 Bowel Surgeries

3 Central Lines

3 Hospitals

2 months total intubated time on the ventilator

Over 5 Million Dollars billed to our insurance company. They stopped showing us a total in February. So you can probably add a couple million to that number.

365 Bags of TPN

4 EEGs

3 Complex Partial Seizures in 30 Minutes

6 Holidays in the Hospital

2 Neglected Dogs at Home

Less than one 8 oz. Bottle of breast milk

7 G-buttons


1 CT Scan

Over 100 x-rays & contrast studies..... we lost count

Numerous Blood Transfusions.....we also lost count

1 plane trip

2 states

9 Primary Doctors

7 Synagis RSV shots

33 STEP Staples

Initially 42cm of small intestine

In December the small intestine had grown to 96cm

In June the small intestine had grown to 160cm

After the STEP Procedure there is more than 250cm of small intestine

Millions of Kisses on those chubby, chunky cheeks!

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