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The definition of progress is a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage. That is exactly what we have been working towards for the last 3 months since Caleigh's STEP procedure. This past weekend Caleigh jumped a huge hurdle by tolerating bolus feedings throughout the day.
On Saturday, I started by giving Caleigh 60ml over 30 minutes on the feeding pump, every 2 hrs. We did the same thing on Sunday. She did so well, even acting hungry right before feeding times. We offered baby food before bolus feeds and Caleigh ate the standard 1 tablespoon which isn't any different than what she usually does. We have been told that this is a great amount for a baby that hasn't eaten by mouth all her life. It's a challenge and takes about 20 minutes to give her that amount. She chews and swallows just like you and I.So on Monday we decided to up the anti a bit. Caleigh now gets 90ml every 3 hrs over 30 minutes. She does that 5 times during the day and then we hook her up for 10 hours of 33ml per hour continuous feeds. There are only so many ways that we can say how well Caleigh has done with this. It's just amazing!I love being able to hop up off the couch to get something out of the kitchen and not having to worry about dragging a backpack or IV pole along. It sounds convenient, yes, but until you've done it on a daily basis......well, you know.

Today we took Caleigh to our Network Care Chiropractor. We all needed work done. When I loaded Caleigh in the car....I stopped and thought....she looks like a normal baby. No tubes, no wires, no backpacks attached. Normal. No one would know. It was marvelous.So the next step in Caleigh's quest towards progress will be to increase her formula's calorie content. We will keep her at her current path for awhile to make sure things are moving forward.

I've been working on getting some of Caleigh's clothes and stuff together for a consignment sale called Just Between Friends. It's a huge franchise company so there might be one close to you too. I don't know if I'll have everything ready in time for the sale. I thought I could do it, but Caleigh's had lots of appointments and been in the 'hold me' mood lately. Plus, I'm pretty sure that I've turned into a procrastinator at some point. I should be working on it now but instead I'm blogging so we'll see if it happens.....

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