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I've been in a bit of a blogging rut ever since Caleigh had her episode last week. I'm pretty sure everything is catching up with me as far as appointments, therapy searching and researching like crazy. Plus, Caleigh's congestion turned out to be allergies and really hasn't gone away. So a fussy baby mixed with lots of 'To Dos' makes for a tired momma. Just this week alone we have 11 appointments. Our calendar looks like something a business person would have!

Caleigh has acted like nothing happened last week. We did get a nebulizer for the house and we have given 2 breathing treatments. Like I said above, we've decided that her drainage is from allergies so there really isn't any need for the Neb treatments. We'll keep it on hand for a 'just in case' moment later in the winter.

Caleigh got her One year vaccines & check up on Monday. We've been about a month behind on all of her vaccines because of all the hospital stays. The developmental paperwork wasn't the best but the nurse was really nice and made it painless. Caleigh did well. No matter how many times you see your little one get stuck with a needle, it still isn't easy to watch.

We bought Caleigh a new stroller. It's a BOB jogging stroller, and I'm in love with it. I'm hoping to get out there and run more now that the weather is getting really nice. I'll post pics soon.

We took Caleigh to A Child Can Do All Things on Friday for an evaluation. I think we might try this therapy, but possibly on a private basis instead of class based. I still need to ask some more questions and talk price for these private lessons. I'm so overwhelmed with all of our therapy appointments it's hard for me to add one more right now. We'll see.

We added speech therapy this week. Caleigh will have that twice a week from now on. We still have OT & PT. I'm working on vision therapy too. We go once or twice a week to our Feldenkrais practitioner and to the new network care chiropractor as well.

It feels like so much has been going on, but at the moment I'm to tired to even think about it all. I'll try to fill in the gaps soon. Hopefully, it won't be as long of a stretch between posts.
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