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What's in Her Diaper?

Holly D Gray1 Comment
This whole post is about Poop! So if you would rather not read about it......divert your eyes.

As planned we weaned Caleigh's Imodium down by half starting Friday night. We expected her stools to get looser......didn't happen. So we stopped the Imodium on Sunday...expected her stools to get looser......nope, didn't happen. Caleigh's stools have been tiny and hard. All Type 3 on the Bristol Stool Chart. Last week she was having nothing but Type 6's. So this is a big change. An uncomfortable change. I've had to do rectal stem half a dozen times just to get a tiny dot out and just this morning used a glycerin suppository, which produced some Type 6.

So what the heck is going on? Stop the Imodium and stools get thicker. That's just the opposite of what should happen. I'm calling our GI doc this morning to get some advice. Other than that, the whole situation just shows us that Caleigh's gut is still complicated. You never know what will happen next! She could start laying eggs at any minute!
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