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The Chronicles of a Sweet Potato

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Oh the sweet Potatoes. What a lovely vegetable. All orange and sweet. I like them, Eric likes them, Caleigh, well........ it isn't pretty.

Wednesday was the first time we tried sweet potatoes. I paired them with a mushed up banana. Caleigh seems to get bored with just one flavor during each feeding. She loved the banana and sweet potato combo. I thought we had a new favorite. I was sadly mistaken. That afternoon Caleigh had two more rounds of sweet potato.

The next morning Caleigh woke up feeling horrible. After some pushing and grunting; I made a medical diagnosis, Constipation and Gas Pains. She screamed the whole day. Didn't nap well at all and her g-button was leaking terribly from being backed-up. It had to come out somewhere and based on the pile of laundry I have to do, It was all out the button.

Let me interject here, that same day I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready to film a video at our house, Friday morning, for the March of Dimes. More about this later. So I was cleaning and straightening things. Somehow, I decided it was a great day to steam clean the neglected carpets. Why do I do this to myself. I wanted to make a good impression I guess. Having Caleigh doesn't leave a lot of time to really clean the house. I'm sure it's like that with most normal kids too. Right? So, anxiety set in about 2pm on Thursday. I still had half the house to clean, I needed to pull together pictures for the video and I still needed to read over the questions that would be asked during the video. I get overwhelmed easy. Caleigh's Grammie and Papaw where there to help and I probably would have shut down if they weren't there. Oh, yea, the night before, a lawnmower in Eric's truck leaked gasoline and made the whole house smell like gas. Really bad. So we opened windows, pulled out box fans and tried to air it out. Something else for the list. Overwhelmed.

I called our GI doc that afternoon to get the nurses opinion. She said to just watch her and let them know if it wasn't better by the next day. I gave a dose of Miralax that afternoon too. 6pm came around and I decided to give Caleigh a warm bath. I spent 30 minutes massaging her tight big belly. It seemed to help her feel better and she went down to bed fairly easy. I went into Caleigh's bedroom and started to steam the carpet. Unfortunately, the belt on the cleaner broke. I gave up and called Eric at work. Then Caleigh woke up screaming. I was pretty close to a nervous break down so I asked him to come home. When he walked in the door I was bouncing Caleigh in her bouncy chair with one foot and mixing TPN at the same time. He took over with Caleigh. She eventually fell back asleep just long enough for us to move all the furniture back and get settled in bed. Caleigh was up all night long and film crew got to our house at 9:30 the next morning.

Caleigh won't be having anymore sweet potatoes.......

More about the video soon.....

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