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A Great Loss

Holly D Gray10 Comments
Just before my hiatus {the main reason for the said hiatus} ensued a couple of weeks ago, our family found out that Caleigh's great grandma, my Gimmi, had cancer. Brain cancer that had spread from her lung cancer, that had spread all over her weak body. At a young 66 years old this was a shock to our family.

The constant fight or flight mentality that I have been consumed with for the past 2 years kicked in only to be thrown into a wall by this terrible term cancer. I researched the first couple of days and after our family talked to many doctors the words 'there's nothing we can do' came to the surface. Of course they wanted to do radiation, a small amount to help the tumors in her head shrink a bit so that the headaches would get better. One week of radiation came and went. We were told she only had 6 months to a year to live. How do you deal with a diagnosis like that? You just can't give up? There has to be something to fix it?

There wasn't.

One week after the radiation was done things started to deteriorate fast. Gimmi was confused and had trouble getting around. Today, after a full life, and a strong peace about her next step, Gimmi lost her short battle with cancer.

I don't want to dwell on the three weeks of cancer. I won't. I want Caleigh to remember the positive.

Dear Caleigh,
Today your Gimmi went to be with God, the Angels & your Papaw. I'm saddened that you didn't get to spend more time with her. She loved you so much. She was so proud of you and everything you have achieved in your short life so far. She prayed for you daily. She asked about you constantly and she visited as often as she possibly could. She was a good woman, wife, mother and grandmother. We went to visit her this past Saturday, and I thank God we made the trip. Yes, she was a little confused, but she held you, kissed your forehead and smiled often. I'm so glad we made the trip. Caleigh, your Gimmi loved you with all her heart and she will be smiling down on you from the heavens.
She will be missed greatly, loved tremendously, and cherished forever.

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